Harper Fox Alliance Prepares Students to Lead Industry

Harper Fox Alliance Prepares Students to Lead Industry


As part of the Harper Fox Alliance, Harper Fox Partners are delighted to have partnered with Ron Dearing UTC to provide students exciting new opportunities to build on their industry level skills and ambitions.

We recognise the skills shortage within the energy, technology and engineering sectors across the world and so we want to encourage young people to pursue a career within these industries. We aim to do this by encouraging diverse talent into these sectors and shine a spotlight on the incredible future senior opportunities available to these students.

Ron Dearing UTC is the first educational partner we have collaborated with for our ‘From Classroom to Boardroom Alliance’ initiative, which will inspire students to be the best they can be at the highest level whilst also offering mentorship and work experience opportunities, motivational talks, interview techniques, networking and more.

Scarlett Allen-Horton, Founder and Business Director of Harper Fox Partners, said business masterclasses setting students various tasks and sharing some of their individual profiles as potential future leaders will also bring value to Ron Dearing UTC students.

Work experience opportunities could also involve connecting students with our clients, apprenticeship opportunities and potentially even employing students within the business in the future.

Scarlett said: “We are really passionate about attracting more talent to the energy, engineering and technology sectors, and ordinarily we focus on leadership and board level, however we know just how important it is to do this at grass-roots level also.

“There is, of course, a key place for university education, however the quicker you can have that mix of academia and hands-on experience with the employer, the better - future employers are looking for that.

“Ron Dearing UTC is doing some fantastic work in the sector at the moment and offering their students exciting educational opportunities and different ways of doing things.

“I’m extremely impressed, Ron Dearing UTC are giving students the opportunity to fill that gap from the classroom to a working environment, they are inspirational and we are really looking forward to working with them and visiting the school in the future.”

Ron Dearing UTC in Hull city centre, which was rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted in its first inspection earlier this year, caters for students aged between 14 and 19 and has a specialist focus on digital technology, creative digital and digital engineering.

Lord Sugar said: “The Harper Fox Partners From Classroom To Boardroom Alliance is a great initiative, created to help inspire the next generation of future leaders within the engineering and technology sectors.

“Having built highly successful businesses within these industries, I am very aware of the skills deficit across the UK.

“Therefore, we are pleased to announce our alliance with Ron Dearing UTC, an outstanding educational institute based in Hull, to help bridge this gap.”

Glenn Jensen, Senior Assistant Principal for Employer Engagement and Head of Engineering at Ron Dearing UTC, said the partnership with Harper Fox is a major positive for the school and students.

He said: “It’s such a privilege to have industry specialists in these sectors who run and work with national and global companies, such as Lord Sugar and Scarlett.

“Our students have access to people who can give them information and guidance about high level jobs and what skills and management strategies they need to aspire to what they want to achieve.

“Scarlett also wants to inspire young women to aim high in engineering and give females a voice in leadership roles, which is fantastic.

“We’re not just preparing our students for industry – we’re preparing them to lead industry.”

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