Leaders of the future - What skills will leaders need in 10 years’ time?

Leaders of the future - What skills will leaders need in 10 years’ time?


We can all agree, the last 12 months have been a whirlwind. Businesses across the world have been forced to pivot and diversify to survive during a pandemic at a scale nobody could have predicted. The impact has been huge. Some companies have thrived whereas others have been fighting for survival, but at the centre of it all, there have been people leading the way, making the tough decisions to get through to the other side.

Leaders have always been there to guide people and business. They are the heart of the organisation, personifying the businesses values, putting in place practical strategies and ensuring these are actioned to reach the set goals and overall vision.

Throughout the pandemic, many leaders have had to adapt alongside their business and often be the people spearheading diversifications within the company. Organisations and the way they function are constantly changing, but the last 12 months have propelled many companies forward at a much quicker pace. In 10 years’ time businesses will look and operate quite differently so below we look at some notable skills leaders will need to run organisations in the future.

Emotional Intelligence

In the past, leaders were often unreachable and seen to be emotionless, at the helm of the business they had little interest in feelings and focused solely on profit. Now companies are making employee welfare a top priority and, especially in the past year, launching mental health initiatives to ensure people are well, happy and feel connected. With future generations prioritising work-life balance and company culture when looking for a job, emotional intelligent leaders will be imperative. Through understanding employee emotions and needs, this type of leader will improve morale, increase productivity and reduce employee turnover.


Today, technology surrounds us, we almost completely depend on it, and that is not going to change. If anything, our reliance on technology is only going to deepen. Future leaders do not need to be complete experts in all aspects of technology, but they will definitely need to embrace it. Leaders of the future will be tech-savvy, consistently looking for new way’s technology can benefit the business.


Openness is a broad spectrum and covers a variety of elements. Importantly, leaders of the future will need to be adaptable and capable of thinking through new possibilities, especially as the world changes around us all. In addition, with more and more companies operating globally, and people increasingly moving to different countries for work, leaders will need to embrace diversity. Companies of the future will be made up of employees with different backgrounds and cultures, introducing new opinions and viewpoints, so leaders will need to be open to these.


Gone are the days of micromanaging your employees every move. With nearly half of the workforce doing at least some of their work at home in the last 12 months and many companies continuing this offering once things return to normal; leaders will have to trust their employees to do what is required. Individuals will need to be empowered to manage their own workload and leaders must ensure they are communicating clearly and leading by example. The overall consensus should be that it is not about hours in the office, rather employee’s productivity, efficiency and results.

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