How To Stay Motivated After Failure

How To Stay Motivated After Failure


Staying motivated after failure can be difficult. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and it leaves you thinking – what now? Whether you missed out on that job opportunity, missed your deadline or didn’t reach the criteria for promotion…you are not alone.

So, how do you keep yourself motivated after failure? Here are a few suggestions to get you back on the road to success!

Take Some Time

Your mental health is important. Take some time to process what has happened. Partake in some self-care activities and find joy in the small things. Try not to dwell to much on your failure, accept that mistakes happen and don’t beat yourself up. If the situation is causing you stress, try reading our guide to managing stress in the workplace. Or check out Mind, who have some great self-care tips to help you relax.


Once you have taken time to process, it’s time to learn from your mistakes. Failures and mistakes offer great learning opportunities. Analyse what went wrong and why. What could you have done differently and how will you change moving forward? Or perhaps you set the bar too high in an unachievable timeframe? Setting unrealistic targets will set you on a path to failure – do you need to adjust your goals or timeframe?


Look At Your Past Successes

What have been your most memorable achievements in life so far? How did you get there? Big or small, looking at our past successes is guaranteed to keep us motivated after failure. It can be really easy to focus on the negative aspects of life. Try writing down your achievements and keeping them somewhere you can see every day. Remind yourself how far you have come already.


Make A Plan

It’s time to get organised. What is your goal? Once you have visualised where you want to be, set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based (S.M.A.R.T) objectives. Write these down and plan how you are going to meet each objective. There is nothing like a robust plan to get you moving towards a goal.


Remember It Takes Failure To Create Success

The most successful people in the world have failed at one point or another. We have interviewed many successful people on our Trailblazer Talks series who have all learnt big lessons from their own failures and sacrifices. It’s important to remember that mistakes are inevitable, there is no shame in failing, it’s how you pick yourself up again that counts.


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