How To Deal With Stress In The Workplace

How To Deal With Stress In The Workplace


Stress in the workplace is often unavoidable. If you have a big deadline coming up or an important presentation, it is natural to feel anxious or stressed. However, stress in the workplace becomes an issue when the work demands are more than you feel you can cope with. Stress can impact us mentally and physically; we all experience it differently. Whether it is causing you to be irritable or giving you constant headaches, the good news is there are ways to manage work related stress.


Address the Issues

Address the issues that are causing you stress head on. What is specifically causing you stress in the workplace? How can you resolve these issues? What actions can you take?  By identifying the issues, you can take actions towards reducing your stress levels.



If you are feeling overwhelmingly stressed, talk to your colleagues, friends, or seniors about it. You might find that others are feeling the same as you. Alternatively, your seniors may not have realised the amount of stress you were experiencing. Once your feelings are out in the open action can be taken to understand what can be done to support you.


Be Realistic

Be realistic about what you can actually achieve each day. It is no use giving yourself a list of things to complete in an impossible timeframe. You will only set yourself up for failure, and more stress. When speaking with seniors give them realistic deadlines to ease pressure on yourself. Be honest with yourself about what you can achieve and break down your tasks into daily or weekly checklists. Try going one step further and setting time in your calendar for each task you need to complete.


Find a Work / Life Balance

It is so important to have balance. With a good work / life balance, you will be able to perform as your best self in the workplace. It is useful to take time away from work to help you feel refreshed. Make sure you take the holiday you are entitled to and spend time on your life outside of work. Learn to say no when it gets too much and don’t feel guilty about it.


Take Time for yourself

It is impossible to lead others if you are unable to look after yourself. Stress is completely manageable with a range of different methods and techniques. At the most basic level, make sure you get enough sleep, drink water, and eat a balanced diet. This is vital for your mental well-being. In addition to this, why not try practicing mindfulness or yoga? These have both been found to help people dealing with stress.


If you are struggling with stress in the workplace, you don’t need to cope alone. For resources to help you manage or to talk to someone professional, visit


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