Are Video Resumes The Way Forward?

Are Video Resumes The Way Forward?


Video resumes have been around for some time now. However, TikTok have recently announced the release of ‘TikTok’ Resumes’, encouraging its users to turn their traditional paper resume into a digital video resume or elevator pitch. The social media giant has teamed up with several high-profile brands (such as Target, Shopify and NASCAR) who have agreed to accept TikTok resumes as a part of their hiring process. So, this begs the question – are video resumes the way forward?

We take a look at some of the pros and con’s of video recording your CV.

The Pro’s of Video Resumes:

People can be their authentic selves

Interviews can be high-pressure, nerve-wracking environments for candidates. This means they may be on high alert and not able to completely relax and be themselves. Video resumes give control to the candidate, which will ultimately give them more confidence and help them feel more at ease.

Scope out potential culture fit

Through video, employers can get a feel for a candidate’s personality. This is something that is much harder to evaluate when reading a written CV. A Deloitte study found that 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is an important component of business success. Identifying a culture fit early on in the recruitment process could save a lot of time in the long run, reducing employee turnover.

More engaging

How many CV’s do recruiters and HR professionals read through on a daily basis? So many that some recruiters may spend as little as 5 seconds scanning a resume. A video resume is completely unique, every single one will be different and ultimately will be more engaging to review.

More personable

There are many skills that cannot be easily conveyed through a written resume. Things like body language and tone of voice are key parts of communication and are often cited as more important than choice of words when expressing true feelings. This gives a video resume a more personable feel than written CV’s.


The Con’s of Video Resumes:

They’re not always accepted formats

Some companies may view video resumes as informal; others may struggle to open certain types of video formats. Videos sent as email attachments might be flagged by spam or not attach at all if they are too large. There are a variety of technical issues that could take up a significant chunk of the employer’s time or even result in a video resume not being viewed at all.

Possibility for discrimination

Something a written resume can do well is lessen the potential for discrimination, ensuring the focus is on a candidate’s credentials only. With video resumes, gender, race, age and even disabilities can be revealed, providing opportunity for unconscious bias or discrimination.

Disadvantage for the camera shy or technophobic

Does being good on camera mean you are good at your job? Unless you are applying for a role in TV or film, probably not. Talking to a camera is different to talking to someone face to face and this could impact the way a candidate comes across. Plus, if the candidate is not familiar with video filming and editing software, this could impact the quality of their final video resume. A poor-quality video resume does not necessarily mean a candidate is not right for the job – especially if the job does not require any technical skills.

Can be hard to analyse

Analysing a video is time consuming. Unlike written CV’s you can’t quickly skim through a video to pick out the highlights. Some businesses even use ATS software to quickly sift through the mountain of applications for one role. As video resumes can’t be put through this software, it can cause frustration for the employer. It’s also more difficult to compare candidates, making the analysis for the shortlist of candidates much more difficult.


Overall, there is definitely a lot to consider when it comes to video resumes. TikTok are definitely setting the bar when it comes to resumes in a digital format. It seems, video resumes can be very useful in some aspects but there are still some issues to work on before they completely replace traditional CV’s. Perhaps a written CV accompanied by a video resume is the way forward for now. This will definitely help employers gain more insight into a candidates suitability for a role.

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